How to Play Soccer Keno Progressive

Soccer is the most-watched and followed sporting event in the world. Both online and sportsbook players are big fans of the sport. As a result, more soccer-themed slot games have become available. However, one little-known game is the progressive soccer keno game, aptly name Soccer Keno Progressive.

The Board

There are few differences from keno except for one twist: the soccer theme. The game is played with a grid consisting of 80 numbers laid out on a horizontal soccer field. Each half of the field has five columns of numbers. From the nine total options available, the player must first pick a shirt color. When the player selects a number from the grid, a colored shirt appears with that number on the back.

The layout of the grid is conducive to the player becoming creative with their number choices. For instance, the player can choose numbers that consist of their favorite soccer formation on one side of the field. On the other hand, the player can create a formation on both sides of the playing field.

The Game

20 keno balls are selected and are rolled into slots. The pattern of the balls is representative of a soccer ball. Each one has a specific number marked on them. Finally, tiny soccer balls appear on the grid in specific number slots. If any of those match the selected numbers, the background changes to yellow, and the sounds of cheering spectators are released indicating a win.

One nice aspect of playing a Soccer Keno Progressive name is that it can be played for fun without the need to wager money. Unfortunately, the progressive jackpot is only available to those who wager money and mark 15 numbers on the screen. If the player guesses 12 or more numbers, they win a portion of the jackpot. The total amount won is calculated from the amount wagered and a multiplier based on the number of matches played.

Soccer Keno Progressive games are tremendously easy to learn and follow due to the basic features. At many casinos, there is an Auto Pick feature. This allows the player to select their numbers once and then automatically play those same numbers during their session.

Soccer Keno Progressive is a fun and exciting way to place bets consistently and easily. With the theme of the most popular sport in the world, there are sure to never be a lack of available players.