Important Sic Bo Information

The name Sic Bo varies depending on the location in which it’s played. Other names include Tai Sai and Dai Siu. In Asia specifically, all three names are used to describe the game, it simply depends on which country you’re playing. The English translation is hi-lo or big and small.

Until recently the game has never been a big deal in Asia. North America wasn’t exposed to the game until the late 1900s. It was introduced by immigrants from China that brought the game with them. Just years later, the game can be found in several casinos throughout North America.

There are six specific Sic Bo terms that should be memorized:

  • Tai Sai or Dai Siu
  • Spin
  • Re-Bet
  • Clear
  • Chips
  • Layout

As previously stated, Tai Sai or Dai Siu is a regional name for Sic Bo depending on which area of Asia you plan on playing in. A three version translates to hi-low or big and small. Spin is another important term in that it indicates the action of the dice being shaken in the cup. Those that spin must place a wager at the Sic Bo table.

A re-bet occurs when a player places the same wager value within the same betting section on the table for the next betting round as they did in the previous. For instance, if a player bets on the small with a $10 bet and then places the same wager for the next round.

Clear is a commonly used term for many dice games and it generally indicates when the table is wiped clean and all wagers are given to their prospective players. Chips indicate the physical pieces of plastic and clay that the players bet with. Different colored chips represent different monetary values within different games. When playing online, the process is to simply click the wager you’d like to place.

Finally, the layout is the grid of the table. This includes different areas of betting that players are allowed to make. Similar to a craps table, the grid has different sections for different actions like an area to throw the three dice. The dealer usually regulates where to place a bet, where to throw the dice, etc.

Knowing the history, rules and proper terminology used at the table will help you become a more proficient player. Sic Bo has been in the United States for only a short time. As more casinos add the game to their property, it could become one of the most popular games available.